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July 2021

Reed Tetzloff: Schumann

Reed Tetzloff: Schumann
Master Performers

The depth of American pianist Reed Tetzloff's grasp of Robert Schumann and his music is evident at every moment of this superb recording but also in the engrossing interview included in the release's booklet. As it clearly shows, Tetzloff's understanding of the composer is scholarly but not pedantic, and much the same could be said of his authoritative performances on the nearly eighty-minute recording. They're as distinguished by passion as precision, and one comes away from the release regarding Tetzloff as one of today's best possible interpreters of Schumann's music.

De Nieuwe Muze

11 July 2021

Robert Schumann
Carnaval opus 9 – Sonata opus 11 – Arabeske opus 18 – Romanze opus 28 nr.2
Reed Tetzloff, piano
Master Performers MP 21 001

"It has been several years since I was able to report enthusiastically for De Nieuwe Muze about a solo recital that the American pianist Reed Tetzloff gave in a salon in Ghent. I recently received a recording of his – exclusively devoted to music by the young Robert Schumann – which is currently available as a digital download.

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