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Reed Tetzloff interview: “Let loose and fling the music”

by Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson is a music critic with particular interest in piano. 

Johnson worked as a reporter and editor in New York, Moscow, Paris and London over his journalism career. He covered European technology for Business Week for five years, and served nine years as chief editor of International Management magazine and was chief editor of the French technology weekly 01 Informatique. He also spent four years as Moscow correspondent of The Associated Press. He is the author of five books.

Michael Johnson is based in Bordeaux. Besides English and French he is also fluent in Russian.


The young tousle-haired pianist from the distant Minnesota, Reed Tetzloff, is building a performance career in the U.S. and Europe by steering a course through rare repertoire that is both challenging and attractive for the listener.

He has created a stir with his Concord Sonata by Charles Ives, a piece that he says must be played “totally unbridled – it cannot be played any other way”. When he programs it, he adds, he has “no choice but to let loose and fling the music out into the atmosphere, come what may”.


In this video he captures the mystery and the magic of the Ives masterpiece.

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