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Mark S. Doss & Reed Tetzloff at Project Music.

Chester Addison Community Center

23 MAY 2018

Mark S. Doss & Reed Tetzloff at Project Music.

Event by Impromptu Classical Music Recital Series, The Drozdoff Society

Duration: 1 hr 30 min

Operatic Grammy Award winning bass-baritone Mark Steven Doss concert pianist Reed Tetzloff travel with The Drozdoff Society's Impromptu Classical Music Recital Series to Stamford to spend a day with children enrolled in PROJECT MUSIC, an El Sistema based after school program where Mr. Ian Taylor is the Executive Director, and Mr. Garrett Mendez teaches the band members.

The members of PROJECT MUSIC's Concert Band performed on Impromptu Classical Music Recital Series' stage in a collaborative performance with The Second Movement and South African concert pianist Megan-Geoffrey Prins earlier this season, so we thought we would reciprocate with a visit to them this month.

Mr.  Doss is wonderful with children, and not only sings for them (and  perhaps even with them, we shall see!), but demonstrates the enormous  physicality of the opera singer's life.  He does juggling, hula-hooping,  yoga, tai-chi, and the rest...well...we will simply have to show up and  watch.

The  young American pianist, Reed Tetzloff, has distinguished himself one of  the brightest stars of a new generation of musicians.  He enthralls  audiences with his “magical tone” (The Cincinnati Enquirer) and  “ebullient” virtuosity (Gramophone Magazine). He performed at Lyric Hall Theater in Impromptu Classical Music Recital Series'  2016-2017 season, and is one of the two pianists accompanying Mr. Doss  on this multi-state tour, with a solo recital in New Jersey on May 19th.

This engagement was arranged in collaboration with David Perry, Executive Director and Founder of The Second Movement, Ian Taylor of PROJECT MUSIC.

Mr. Doss is an Residence of The Drozdoff Society.

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